Passionate about the good old days, Dada have been working on the searching and finding of special pieces that have had a significant role in the history of design. Ettore Sottsass’ work has naturally been in our spotlight , as we are interested not only in his philosophy but also the contrast and tension that his work creates as the base of their collection.

Ettore Sottsass / Piccoli Libri, 1992

Ettore Sottsass / Solitaria Console, 1992

Ettore Sottsass / Coming Back from Palace in Jaisalmer, 1987


Finally, and by taking the opportunity to dig deeper, and following a year of research, we have succeeded in bringing together a significant amount of his work for a great, new ex- hibition. Taking the first show of Ettore in Barcelona as a starting point, they have investigated extensively to bring together pieces of history from one of the biggest icons of contemporary design. By looking through the archives, consulting documents, faxes, photography and sketches and by interviewing relatives, we have brought Ettore back to life. In this exhibition, a selection of furniture pieces will be exhibited together with original drawings and other iconic designs of the Italian architect, permitting the visitor to enjoy an exciting and particularly unique overview of his colourful and revolutionary work.