Sabina Grubbeson

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Table lamp model Kusk designed by Sabina Grubbeson and manufactured by Konsthantverk.

The production of lamps, wall lights and floor lamps are manufactured using craftsman’s techniques with the same materials and techniques as the first models.

Konsthantverk means “Art” and ‘Craftsmanship’, this Swedish company has been manufacturing lamps for nearly one hundred years. They do all the process: milled, drilled, formed and finished. For several years they ran through its own glassworks in Småland for the manufacture of his lamps glass.

They have an entire collection for consumers, but they also produce special products as street lighting on Biblioteksgatan in Stockholm or the ceiling lighting at the Kennedy Center in Washington.
The Konsthantverk lamps are honest about their dedication to materials and their process, a lamp made by them is a true handicraft. Their creations embodies simplicity and careful consideration, where materials and design are united.

Each lamp from Konsthantverk has in itself a part of Swedish History, since 1921.