Marcel Duchamp

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Marcel Duchamp ‘Esquivons Les Ecchymoses des Esquimaux aux Mots Exquis’.
Multiple of photograph record with printed collage.
Published by The Letter Edged in Black Press, Inc., New York in 1968.
Edition of 2,500 for cover of S.M.S. portfolio

Multiple of photograph record with printed collage

William N. Copley founded The Letter Edged in Black Press in 1968 to embark upon an extraordinary publishing venture inspired by this mentor and friend, Marcel Duchamp. Defying categories and expectations about original art and its reception, Copley turned to publishing a bi-monthly portfolio, S.M.S (short for Shit Must Stop), containing curated gangs of between 11-14 multiples in six issues. Distributed by subscriptions through the mail, it was both a gallery and a revolution in a portfolio. Today it is a portable museum.